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Leandro Tolentino
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George Gaines
Henry Miller


Thank you for visiting the Cannon Cleveland FuneralDirectors website. As a descendant of the Carmichael Funeral Home, we continuewith the heritage of unparalleled personal service and the vision to meet allof a family's needs which began in 1940. That heritage continues stronger thanever today and is why we say: "Every Life has a Story... Celebrate It!".

The professional staff at Cannon Cleveland Funeral Directors is committed toproviding honest, dignified, and most importantly compassionate care.

We are a full service funeral home providing the most elaborate funeral serviceto the simplest graveside ceremony, the most unusual memorial service to themost basic cremation. We are prepared to assist families from all walks of lifein every way to create a meaningful service. Because we believe that"Every Life has a Story...Celebrate It!".

Cannon Cleveland Funeral Directors also provides pre-planning services andgrief recovery classes at no cost to our community.

Cannon Cleveland Funeral Directors

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